Straight Line

Think about what a straight line looks like. It’s on-going, consistent and never changing. With 75% of us living as “straight lines” it’s time to make a change. Living this way is very robotic. Wake up in the morning, take a shower, brush your hair and teeth. Get dressed, make sure the kids are up and getting ready. Do your make-up rush out the house, drop the kids off and be on your way to work. Sounds like an average morning huh! For most working women this is the norm.

Then you get to work, and this is where I see it the most. You complain all day at work about your job, co-workers, low pay, all while fantasizing about where you want to be at right now. This is the same time of day when you talk about all the things you want to do, when in reality you are too terrified to actually do it. Then you get off of work and become robots again, just to wake up in the morning to do it all over.

Stop complaining about everything and do something, period.

Make tomorrow different. Change can’t happen without action. Take that course you were always thinking about and stick with it. Take that vacation you always wanted. Make the decision to look for a better more rewarding job, or start that business you dreamt about as a kid. I can almost guarantee you that when you decide to make a change, your life will be different.

Also remember, once you have made a CHOICE to do something different you must follow it through. You can’t be all talk and no action. That’s what got you here in the first place.

There’s a reason why Nike says “Just Do It”, because its that simple. Stop co-existing and start living.


The Circle

Living life in a circle is when you keep doing or talking about the same thing without achieving anything. However, it can be interpreted in so many areas in life. Such as your job, raising kids and everyday life. Most of us have lived this way at least once in their life.

This is just one example of living in a circle and in this case relationships.

Let me tell you a short story about my dear friend. She was married for 23 years to a man that she knew was no good for her, but she had three kids with him and she stayed. About 18 years into the marriage she was fed up and left her husband, only to go back to him a year later. Thinking this time it will be different……. things were still the same. I met her at this point in her life and at first I thought they had a great marriage. But to my surprise it was all a show. She began to talk about what was going on and what she was going to do and never followed through she continued this for another 5 years.

This shows the circle or cycle some people place them selves into. What made her think that after 18 years something would be different? It’s simple, she was comfortable with the mental abuse. She was familiar with his ways and actions. The thought of CHOOSING another way was too far to obtain. Or was it?

After 5 years of HER trying, she decided to be completely done. She kicked him out of the home and filed for a divorce. However, in the back of her mind she still wanted to be with him. She gave him one year to get his shit together and she promised to take him back and remarry.

I know your thinking “what the (bleep)?” But yes, this really did happen. I wanted to slit my throat. I told her that she was absolutely insane. But I knew she was sick and it was something much deeper. So I dedicated my time to counsel her and allow her to open all scars of the past and present so she can understand why she was living in a circle.

She vowed to not date anyone until she was completely healed and over her now ex-husband. All while understanding 23 years isn’t going to be gone in one year. She told stories about feeling abandoned & abuse in the home as a child. Also as a child she was never allowed to tell or show anything was wrong.

Some people are living as robots, not sure as to why certain things are happening to them. Not even realizing the reason they are in a situation most of the time is due to their past, or better yet childhood. It’s about recognizing it, owning it, and changing it, breaking the cycle.

This time was needed, she began to realize and connect all her behavior and choices back to her childhood. She owned her part in the failures, and she has now broken the cycle. Never wanting to go backwards ever again. She is currently now dating and enjoying her life they way it was intended, by her new choices.

In The Beginning….

It has been said that only 5% of people will become self-sufficient and achieve true freedom, while 75% of people only dream about it. 🤔 I don’t know about you but, ever since we were little, we were always interested in only working for ourselves. “We” you ask? Yes my partner in business, my partner in life….. my wife. I have known my best friend since middle school, and it wasn’t till much later we became an item, Soul Mates. We faced a lot of scrutiny and despite it all we remained strong. But we will get into that later (My gosh I just met you 😊).

Let’s talk about the phrase “True Freedom”. Well for me True Freedom is to have power over oneself for everything. Now back to the percentages (A) 20% of us will live in a vicious circle, you know them same shit different year 🙄  (B) 75% of us will live in a straight line, these people are consistent and complacent. They work a 9-5, complain and only talk about what they are going to do but they never do it. Lastly we have (C) the 5% which I like to call “the verticals”. Now the verticals are those individuals that are always pushing for more, like entrepreneurs. Every year they have gained another level towards their success to become self-sufficient. They Reek of Royalty.

So here’s the million dollar question…. which one are you CHOOSING to be?

Walk with me as I show you who I am and I hope it will pave your path.