The Choice Philosophy~ Intro

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So many people we have came across would look at our relationship and wish they can have what we have. Little do they know, what we have came over time and the willingness to not give up. However on the other hand, they state it’s “different”…. Ok let me explain; you see we are a same-sex couple, and most of the people around us are heterosexual. But what most people don’t understand is in many ways it is the same and maybe even more difficult. People like to make excuses for why their relationships don’t work. Don’t get me wrong, some are not meant to work, but most people give up rather quickly without trying everything to save it.

If you have read the previous articles,  you already know us but just to reiterate, to this day we have been together over 13 years. In those years we have overcame a lot and even some things most couples don’t encounter. In the early years of our relationship her family couldn’t stand me. Her mother hated me and the situation. She has made threats and tried to run me over. Being in a same-sex relationship, while it isn’t a problem now, when your in high school it is. Yes, we have been together since high school days. There have been infidelities, incorrect communication and imbalance in the first years of our relationship. In this situation most people would walk away from it. It’s just too much and you’re so young. Why stay and deal with it? Is it really worth it?

Overcoming all these challenges creates a different bond with your partner. If you truly love the person you are with and that person loves you the SAME way, you can make it work. You can have “what we have”. Not every relationship will go through the same issues. Each is as unique as the people involved. Our “what we have” is a relationship with boundaries, respect, trust, and communication. We are fair, honest and forgiving. We find space and balance. We are each other’s equals. Confident in the position that we are in, we have built such a solid foundation. At this point it has not been penetrated or cracked. While we have had trials, tribulations and outsiders tried to sabotage, we stand firm to what we believe and what we feel and know is right. Over the 13 years we have noticed what made “what we have” so strong. As a unit we have philosophies and practices we use everyday and in every situation that may arise.

As you read on you will learn our philosophies and practices, and what we learned about great relationships. I challenge you to use them, not only in your relationship or love life, but in your everyday life. It can be used for almost every situation. Always stay positive and remember “There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness.”~Friedrich Nietzsche

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